Considering Free Casinos? Look At This First!

This really is because the Slovakian roulette wheel includes one less zero pocket on it than the American wheel with its double zero’s, this means there is certainly one less pocket on the wheel to worry about. Free of charge spins, deposit bonuses and distinctive events are offered to players since they make their way to the very top.


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Commercial Ready: Rest In Peace!

The first budget of the Rudd Government saw the Commercial Ready programme get nuked. Comments in the media were mixed – See The Age and the ABC.

This decision makes no sense. The Commercial Ready programme was extremely effective in taking early stage technology and commercialising it. The programme forced companies applying for the grants to provide like-for-like funding from the investment community (an important validation of a technologies commercial potential). It also forced companies to go through a rigorous application process which helped executives define and describe their target markets, how they would commercialise the technology and how they would go to market. An extremely valuable process.


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Simmersion Holdings

Simmersion Holdings is an Australian 3D simulation solutions and services provider. Founded in 2004, Simmersion is best known for the Simurban software suite; a desktop package that allows users to simulate real or imagined world environments with realism, context and spatial accuracy. Simmersion is passionate about harnessing the power of virtual worlds to solve real world problems. In August 2006, Simmersion was a winner or Red Herring Magazine’s top 100 technology start-ups in Asia for 2006.

imageWindlab Systems

Windlab Systems is an international leader in the science of wind energy resource assessment specialising in the development and application of wind-assessment technologies. Windlab Systems uses groundbreaking technology developed at Australia’s premier government research facility, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

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What we Do

Blue Cove identifies, evaluates and invests in early stage web & IT&C businesses. Blue Cove is actively involved in the development of investee companies strategy and vision and provides day to day mentoring and management support.

Investment Criteria
Web or IT&C based
Global potential and appeal
Significant market opportunity
Proximity to investment manager
Credible management with a successful track record
Realistic business model
Unique and strong intellectual property
Clear ownership of any IP
Compelling value proposition
Sustainable competitive barrier to entry
Solid potential for revenue growth
Rapid path to positive cash flows
Expectation of steadily increasing equity valuation
Clear exit strategy
Leverages open standards for application development

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Who we Are

Blue Cove Ventures is a Venture Capital company committed to assisting talented entrepreneurs build successful technology companies. We are looking for visionaries with disruptive ideas, the commitment to build solutions and the passion to challenge the status quo. We want to be your first investor acting as your co-pilot on this journey. We believe our advice, guidance and mentoring is as valuable as the funding we provide. We want this journey to be fun and memorable and we strive for positive outcomes for all parties.

Blue Cove Ventures was founded in 2007 and is based in Canberra, Australia. Blue Cove is backed by Hikari Asset Management a subsidiary of the Hikari Tsushin Group from Japan. The Hikari Tsushin Group manages venture capital funds that take stakes in Japanese and international companies with a focus on the Internet, IT and telecommunications sectors.


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Our Mission

Deliver high returns at reduced risk for early-stage investors in selected IT&C businesses

Blue Cove helps investee companies realise their full potential.

Hands-on management
Human Resource and Business Development Support
Assist with grant applications
Board leadership and corporate governance
Acts as strategic advisor / mentor
Participates in all planning and forecasting activities
Dedicates significant on-site time to company
Leverages their networks for investee company benefit

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About Blue Cove Ventures

Blue Cove Ventures invests in innovation focusing on early stage opportunities. We love web, mobile and software opportunities and invest in entrepreneurs who have great, commercially viable ideas with significant global potential. We like entrepreneurs with passion and persistence who go that extra mile to get the job done.

In return you can expect Blue Cove to be a committed partner intimately involved with making your vision a commercial reality. For us to meet you every week we back companies in Sydney and Canberra – proximity matters!

You can rely on us to assist with government grant applications, additional fund raising and introductions to potential partners.

We are looking for positive outcomes from our investments and expect to monetize our investments through trade sales.

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